Client Service Program

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When your digital world stops working…

EVERYTHING stops working!

BrilliantCARETM saves you time and money plus reduces frustration. You can stay focused on what matters to you … leave the troubleshooting to us.

Don’t Suffer - We Can Help With…


Fast Reliable Internet
Wi-Fi Everywhere

TV's & Remotes

Simple to Use High-Quality
Video and Sound

Smart Home

Simplified Home Controls
Adjusted to Your Lifestyle

Security & Cameras

Always know what happens inside and outside of your property.

Lighting Controls

Simplicity, Beauty, Convenience
Security & Safety

Lighting Controls

Simplicity, Beauty, Convenience
Security & Safety

"Certified Brilliant" Technicians

Everyone has a tech-savvy friend they reach out to in desperation. We’re “that guy” to our family and friends. We live with the same issues you do so we know how frustrating it is when things stop working.

We’ve resolved over 20,000 issues for clients while perfecting our Certified Brilliant Service process.

Enjoy Technology as Easy as 1, 2, 3



Contact us to report an issue via Phone, Text, Email, or Web. Your system may even report the issue for you!


We apply our Certified Brilliant™ Diagnostic Process to determine the root cause and next steps quickly.


We will resolve the issue virtually if possible or schedule an On-Site Service Tech as soon as possible.


Client Service Plans

Please note, enrollment in one of the plans below is required for all clients prior to obtaining service.


Additional Details

Business Hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday, Excluding Major Holidays.

Extended Hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Sat/Sun, Excluding Major Holidays.Standard Service Rate is $165/hr.

Client Services consist of telephone, text, or email assistance and/or intake and scheduling of services.

Priority Scheduling is ranked by premium plan level.  Inclusive is 1st, Enhanced is 2nd, and Essential is 3rd, Standard is 4th.

Same-Day or After-Hours Service requires a $200 Response Fee in addition to any regular charges normally incurred according to the client’s chosen plan.

Same-Day Service requires a flat $200 response fee. Inclusive After-Hours Service is charged at 20% off the standard service rate plus the $200 response fee.

Internet Outage Monitoring provides notifications when Internet connectivity is lost after potential outages are researched.

Cellular Internet Back-Up Option

Premium Plan Clients who also enjoy our Certified Brilliant Network Solution can elect to upgrade to Cellular Internet Backup. Cellular Internet Backup is an automatic failover system to keep you online even when your neighbors are down.  It’s like a backup generator for your Internet connection.  The system does require a strong AT&T cell signal to work.  All cellular connection fees and 1 gigabyte of data per month is included.  Additional data is available at an additional cost. The backup is automatically engaged when the primary Internet service stops working.  You may not even know the Internet went down!

+ $50/mo

Your Issues are Responsively Resolved

BrilliantCARETM was designed to make your Digital Life more enjoyable.

Save Time

Extended Hours
Priority Scheduling
Virtual Service

Save Money

Included Phone/Text/Email Client Service
Service Labor Discounts
No Minimums

Resolve Issues

Get Advice
Recover passwords
Trained Technicians


Matt Walin, CEO

How to Contact Us for Service

Phone/Text: (949) 799-2911

✉  Email:

Please Note: This Line is incompatible with group texting.